A cult Ingredient

The culinary use of truffles in the Mediterranean basin dates back to time immemorial.

Nevertheless its in France where more is developed and extens its use, culminating in the late seventies with the called Nouvelle Cousin where cooks such of Paul Bocuse and Michel Guerrard make a radical revision of the traditional French recipes and raises the truffle to the category of iconic ingredient.

At any kitchen, the icing on the cake

During the nineties and by the hand of extraordinary cooks like Michel Brass, Jöel Robuchon or Pierre Gagnaire and its influence under the great masters os spanish cuisine; Juan María Arzak, Martín Berasategui and Ferrán Adriá, is when the truffle happens to comprise of the high gastronomy in Spain.

A special mention deserves who from its beginigs as head chef with Christian Lutad, gave a special prominence to the black truffle, incorporating almost annually a plate with truffle to his tasting menu at the restaurant that finally was the center of the world gastronomy: El Bulli.

Trufa negra

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