Your nose will dream on it

The Black Truffle is a living being that breathe oxygen and exhale aroma.

A complex aroma composed by almost 100 different volatile compounds produced by its spores .

A forest for you

This aromatic complexity Bust be considered that the olfactory trace of each piece is different due to the month of collection, the kind of symbiotic tree, sun hours and quantity of water recived, type of soil… each of this factors will give different shades to each piece.

As a treasure, hidden underground

The Truffle fructification is still a mystery of which we know a little.

Its known that from the union of two mycelia with a tree root, Hyphae are formed, being able to fructify in 8 or 9 months, depending on multitude of factors. Still today its biological cycle is investigated.

Its growth is restricted to very specific areas, with a certain altitude, climate, PH and soil texture.

All this happens underground, complicating even more if it fits the quantification of the crop.

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