Tasty, original and naughty dishes

Once we have them at home, if they are not washed, all adhered earth must be removed using a soft brush (a nail or tooth brush are ideal) and water.

When they are well clean, rinse with cool water under the faucet. Finally, use a piece of paper or a napkin to dry it well.

At this point, we could use them to cook directly, preserve at refrigerator (we suggest to do at 3-4º wrapped in a cloth napkin), store with eggs and rice to truffle them or simply freeze it until we use it next time.

Let’s Cook with truffle! Take a look below and we will tell you to preserve and use it.

If you want to freeze it, just wrap it with film paper and place at the freezer. When you will need it, use again without thawing and store one more time.

Keep in mind that the frozen Truffle loss a Little bit aroma and texture, but its a practical option that allow to enjoy it for long time.

If you want to Truffle any food, just place in an hermetic container or in a plastic bag, the food you choose with approximately its 10% weight of fresh truffle. It will take a few hours.

You can try it with almost everything, but with eggs, butter, rice or pasta, success is assured.


Trufa negra

We will choose the cut depending on the effect we want to achieve; To highlight the truffle giving it more visibility, we will use an adjustable slicer, adjusting the cut as thin as possible. If you want to take advantage of its crunchy texture, cut it with a knife in cubes or canes.

Scratch the truffle in case that we want to expand it the maximum possible all over, any grater will work but we suggest the Microplane ones to profit the product as much as possible.

In our shop you will find both graters and slicers.

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